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New Homes ‘Need to Know‘ Series


Glossy brochures, inspiring interiors, landscaped retreats in the city and seemingly endless optional extras… it is no wonder it’s so easy to get carried away when choosing your new home. This is just as true when buying off-plan as when buying an already-built home.

Sometimes having too much choice can be just as difficult as not having any choice at all.  But here at Victoria Homes, we truly believe that buying your new home should be a great experience. We want you to enjoy choosing the right finishing touches that will turn the house or apartment we built, into your ideal home.

We have decades of New Home experience across our team and there is something we know for sure, people make the best decisions when they are fully-informed.  We understand that you, as a buyer, will spend a lot of time at the early stages comparing and negotiating and choosing (and then probably second-guessing!) so we are here to answer any questions you might have.

The first step is always to narrow down your New Home search to the right area. Of course, when we say ‘the right area’, we mean what’s right for you and your family. Proximity to work is usually the first consideration, but it is important to think long term about schools, and how close you might need to be to extended family in the future. Also, have you looked online for existing and planned future transport links? Statistically, people in urban areas are much less likely to use public transport if it is more than an 8-minute walk away!

Once you have the right area selected, don’t be confused by the ‘sameness’ of new developments that you view on Daft.ie or Myhome.ie. Online brochures only tell part of the story. Take the time to visit the site of the proposed new development. There might already be an early phase built that you can view.  Most homebuilders, and certainly each development, will have a signature style. For example, at Victoria Homes, we tend to favour a classic design, with an exceptionally high-spec, contemporary finish.

When you are deciding between options, just remember to focus on the design that works for you, with the highest quality finish.  Most of our buyers talk about the feeling of knowing when you find the right home.

Important consideration must be given to your lifestyle and how your new home will fit into that. For example, are you selecting a home that is the right size for you now and into the future? Do you require a downstairs bedroom? Do you or your partner work from home? Does the house offer potential to extend, if needed in the future? Does the price work with your budget/mortgage? Are you satisfied that you are getting great value in your new home? Is the area likely to change much and, if so, is it likely to be in ways that suit you and your family?

These are all good questions to ask yourself when choosing your new home. For anything else, just ask us…


To discuss this and other housing matters in Dublin, please contact me directly on +353 (0) 87 937 0896, Derek@VictoriaHomes.ie  or check out all of our current developments at www.victoriahomes.ie/